just dragged my self up after another night session on the Tyne-managed a cracking fresh salmon just on dusk and lost a seatrout in the dark-quite a few fish arounf which is heartening however... I have fished 6 nights this year since the 29th May and I have yet to fish on a warm evening-last nights temp was 7 degrees when I got to the car at 1am -ground frost north of the border!-now I know its not unheard of but early July?? -usually those cold nights don't arrive until mid august-we have had a very wet June and temps into the 30's already-river felt veery warm last nighy against theair temp so its not a surprise to me that the seatrout are a bit fickle-turned 4 in the last 2 trips with plenty of nips and swirls-climate change or just normal variations?