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    Quote Originally Posted by Loxie View Post
    I thought Usan were netting sea trout this year?
    They were, but I don't think it was viable. Especially with all the scrutiny.

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    so summing all this up, although for decades now we have been hearing about salmon tagging micro chips implanted, netting salmon for scientific purposes, feeding grounds supposedly traced, netting stations re-opened up for tagging etc, in all a lot of expensive labour and material, for a gain of next door to nothing, we are as much in the dark as we were 30-40 years ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassy_Knollington View Post
    The discussion was about Salmon netting still being going. I'm really not sure how you can say that the recent Salmon Drift netting was having an impact upon your fishing. We have no idea how many of these salmon ran each river from Ure to Moray Firth, we don't know how many of them would be 'takable' fish or if they'd even be in the river when we went fishing.

    The Sea Trout nets are totally different IMHO and I have said that a number of times. The number of T net licenses in the NE region has increased since 1990 (by 10 in the Yorkshire region). Unlike the vast majority of adult Salmon, many sea trout are exposed to nets many times throughout their lives and most of them will be destined for NE rivers. I would bet that if the T&J nets were stopped there would be an immediate increase in Sea Trout in the Tyne and Wear. Of course we still don't know if the ST who gets caught in the net is the one that otherwise would take the fly. However, the numbers of ST caught and their local nature suggests that it is much more likely that 'your' Sea Trout are getting taken by nets than 'your' Salmon.

    IMHO it would have made more sense to leave the drift nets alone and work with EA & T&J netsmen to set them some quotas to limit total catches, say to 20k a season, or to restrict the days / weeks they could fish. Market what they caught properly and there could have been a 'sustainable' fishery with high value seasonal product for restaurants and rich folk. The rivers would have somewhere between 20 and 40k extra ST in them and everyone surely would be a winner. Myself and others suggested as much in the consultation.

    That idea was clearly off base though because neither the EA nor AT nor S&TC were really interested in the ST were they? Instead we went round the buoy on mixed stock netting with those who represent the anglers warning everyone to be good catch and releasers' and saying if we didn't ban the drift nets the Greenlanders would catch all the Salmon again.... The EA have to keep everyone slightly happy so the Anglers get the high profile mixed stock Salmon drift nets stopped and the Netsmen get to keep the T&J nets as a compromise.

    Now we have the hilarious situation of the EA spending money to try to monitor the release of a couple of thousand salmon from T&J nets; so the nets can get on and catch possibly 10s of thousands of ST. To add salt to the wound, take a trip up the NE or maybe to Yorkshire coast and you might be able to pick up some wild ST for a few ús a lb over the next few weeks as the glut of fish comes in....

    It is what it is, I'll be happy with a ST or a Salmon from the Tyne when I'm up. If I get a fresh one that isn't too big it'll be on the table.

    Tight lines.

    You missed my point entirely throughout this discussion.

    When the Scottish declared net catch (let's not speculate what undeclared and illegal netting took) was 500,000 salmon per year, it doesn't matter whether every net was mixed stock, netting was affecting the salmon fishing somewhere, everywhere in Scotland.

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