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    Quote Originally Posted by MCXFisher View Post
    Have a look at :you will note that fish that mouth the fly and turn in the direction of travel aren't hooked, while those that turn against the transit of the fly get hooked.

    Moreover, you will observe that the angler, using a light single handed rod and a short line, feels absolutely nothing of what is going on under the water, until the fish turn away and hook themselves.

    You will find a fuller discussion of the issues in Crash! Bang! Pluck! on J1W.
    Yes, seen that video a few times. The only example I can think of personally is when I was stripping back a fly in clear water, saw a salmon follow and then "chew" but felt nothing. Lifted the rod and bingo, hooked fish ! I would be fascinated to know whether that sort of thing happens as often as (or even more than) the takes you feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie View Post
    I've had several Salmon as I've lifted to mend my floating line and several at the end of the swing as I've lifted without thinking to retrieve line!.I even hooked on in a howler of a wind which blew me right round in a circle, me facing one way struggling to keep my footing and remain upright and the rod right round behind me bouncing about and the reel clattering away- lost that one!.
    I fished Tay one day with a big floating shooting head-20yds of DT 12 floater on my 18ft Hardy- and I became aware I couldn't feel the draw of the current on my line any more,I looked up and my line had stopped swinging in quite a healthy flow, was still right out in the middle and nothing was happening.When I lifted, it was a 6lb Grilse that went potty then, but it was just sat there not moving initially, hooked to death too!.
    As an aside, we all watch the "swing tip" below the rod point for lifting and the line pulling tight, but how many of us watch for it all dropping slack, or the tension falling away from the line?.
    The equivalent of the float lifting rather than sinking when float fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occasional salmon fisher View Post
    The equivalent of the float lifting rather than sinking when float fishing.
    Yes indeed, it's amazing how we all follow the indoctrination that every takes pulls line nice n steady and predictable from the reel, sounding and feeling pretty cool!.
    Many takes however are no where near this!.

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    I missed a few fish when I first started shrimping many moons ago. Sometimes a bob on the float or a bit of a hesitation as it trotted down, only to reel in and find the head chewed off or the eggs missing. After that I whacked at anything that didn't look quite right. I've no doubt done the same on the fly as I tend to fish off the reel and wait for a proper pull rather than striking.

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