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Thread: Touchy folk

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    Very nice of you to say and good job with the classifieds. Ultimately I actually think this is a good forum

    Quote Originally Posted by DonCurlyHorny View Post
    Iíll take the credit for the classifieds revamp, much to the dismay of some 😀, itís now much better and yes Neil W ... agree with that, but youve always been one of the forums level headed, inoffensive well balanced posters


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    I think it needs saying though

    Quote Originally Posted by budge View Post
    Bloody ell I've opened pandoras box ! I was only making an observation on other folks posts that have caused someone to throw the rattle out the pram. I can't say I take owt too serious on forums, got more serious stuff to worry about. And as for taking offence, I've got skin like rhinoceros hide so I won't flinch if someone calls me a c### Touchy folk

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    Quote Originally Posted by budge View Post
    To be honest the forum is great for someone like me who has been away from salmon angling for a long time. Ask a question and you always get answers and helpful advice. Like you say there seems to be an ebb and flow with proper fishing posts which probably reflects what's happening on the river bank.

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    I have to agree totally with Budge.
    Since I started fly fishing for salmon a few years ago, this forum has been a fountain of knowledge and information . Because of my relatively limited experience I have little to contribute that has not already been said a thousand times. Unfortunately I take more from the forum than what I contribute but hopefully one day this will not be the case. So thank you all, current and past contributors for your input in making this the best place to find out information on salmon fishing.
    With so many different types of people involved, disagreements and squabbles are inevitable, but as long as things do not get personal it should not be a problem.

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