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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicharito View Post
    I love it when the swallows return. Hopefully might see the first ones here in West Yorkshire in the next few days.
    If not should see some next week in Northumberland.

    Saw my first ones today on the Tweed at Horncliffe!
    Hopefully they will have arrived in my part of West Yorkshire when I return on Friday. Late though this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heather point View Post
    The swallows always come before the swifts.
    The swifts are the last to come and the first to go, the Lotus Elans of the bird world.
    Saw only one swallow yesterday, it was late or lost, the rest are all gone...

    (Eurasian) Swifts are still here in abundance mind, stocking up on the last of the abundant insects before heading north over the Sahara… Swifts are brilliant, a life on the wing.

    Greetings from the sunny Sahel.
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