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    My favourite pool on a river,during summer, low clear water, very very sunny, absolutely nothing showing all day long, stood sweating yer waders off.As soon as the sun dips behind tree's, false sunset!,ooohhh 'ello whats causing that commotion then, whats splashing about whats - - -tug tug tug, fish on, by no means an isolated occurrence, at times bet my last wee tube on it!.
    Seen that happen a few times late season on the coquet, soon as the sun dips behind the hills it can come alive as fish start to move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occasional salmon fisher View Post
    Possibly, can't remember the author. But I can think of days when it has happened for me.
    Treasured T&S from many moons ago.
    Currie’s article on March springers and micro climates , and a belter of an article on shrimp flies by the late lamented Peter O’Reilly.
    Well worth finding a copy if you can.

    Remember Thomas Muir of Huntershill

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