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    At odds with many here, Iím left handed (writing etc), and also wind with my left. I cast right-handed with single-handlers, and off my left shoulder (left hand up) with double handers. None of it really feels awkward.

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    I cast right handed so logic dictates to me that I wind left handed. I started fishing at 8 with fixed spool reels so my brain was trained early to wind left handed. I never have a problem with the reel handle catching clothing so I definitely wonít be changing

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    I started fishing very young with a fixed spool spinning reel and reeled with my left hand. I am right handed. But, when I began to fly fish I started to reel right handed. Not sure why, but likely I felt more dexterous in palming and controlling the reel with the dominant hand. Stripping line always seemed like a left handed thing. Switching hands was not that big of a deal. When I started two handed rods I remained a right hand reeler. The brain adjusts to whatever you make it do and it eventually becomes the normal.
    I have often observed 2 handed, left hand reelers turning their rod upside down and wind their line in right handed backwards with the reel upside down. Go figure.

    The guys reeling upside down were not playing fish, only reeling in their line.
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