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Thread: Morphie 2018

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    That was a quick season started of with a frozen river then the driest spell I can remember then a pretty poor back end run which seems to be the norm these days but plenty of pluses....good to see a decent run of grilse and very well made grilse too ...plenty of big fish about...finally the nets are a thing of the past and from what Iíve seen the North Esk is very healthy with plenty of juveniles about .
    As a beat we held our own considering we are fly only and landed a good bit more than last season but it seemed to be a year of losing fish .
    Met some crakin lads landed some crakin fish and had some great craic
    The highlight for me was the top of the water action with the hitch and bombers a very exciting way of fishing .
    Roll on 2019 and hope to share the bank with yous again
    Hereís a few of my fish and the weeman had a few too ....great to see youngsters passionate about our way of life

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    Cracking beat.
    Good to see the improvements paying off.
    Nice to see the wee man doing well too.



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