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    Great wee story, I enjoyed that
    Well done!

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    Enjoyed reading your report James thank's for taking the time to post it and well done on your fish


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis.Chessman View Post
    I had a few hours on a local river this afternoon. It's not one I know well and I hadn't fished so far upstream before but the walk was well worth it. No strong winds today, just a gentle southerly and the odd shower .... and the river at a beautiful height for the pools I reached.I was out with a rod I made this Spring from a Fly Logic #8/9 9 ft blank, a bit hefty for such a calm day but I wanted to christen it before the season ends and put it to the test. I'm very happy with the way it cast. Distance was rarely the issue but accuracy always was, trying to drop the tail fly on the edge of the far bank, and the two of us got on just fine with that. I started with a bog-brush of a Claret Bumble on the dropper, a bi-hackled size 10 specimen, probably intended as a dapper but I fancied it as a wake fly and Ginked it up. On the tail, a #10 Cascade double on a gold hook for a bit more flash in the peaty water.I'd only been fishing for about 20 minutes when a wee saucepan lid engulfed the Bumble. I never saw the fish but that little boil in the rough water was sign enough and I let the fish turn and take line before lifting. Good grief, I was on for the first time this season! It was a lively salmon around the 5 pound mark, I'd say. It twice tried hiding under the inside bank on a corner, gave up on that and sped out upstream with a couple of leaps and a cartwheel. I haven't see a cartwheel for about three years. Magic.But it's late in the season and I decided to bully the fish in to keep the fight short. I had the net ready by my feet and as I bent to pick it up the fish rolled and thrashed and was away.Still ..... a promising start. The Cascade was too light for the weight of water, skimming too often, so I changed to a #8 double Arndilly Fancy but, naturally, kept faith with the Bumble.I carried on downstream fishing all but the rockiest rapids; cast and walk, cast and walk, feeling at home again after four seasons on the Spey. I loved it, but it's very different over there.I do like to dibble that dropper, or wake it, watching it trip across the current with the hope and expectation that a fish head and tails over it and the line tightens ..... And I enjoyed the single handed rod-work today, the mending and working of the line on such a small scale compared to the Spey. The same .... but different. The Spey fish seldom seemed to take on the surface, though - well, so I found, anyway - and that's one of the joys in Hebridean salmon fishing for me, seeing the take.I was musing on this when the line tightened and a few yards slipped through my fingers. I was in again, this time on the tail fly. The fight was far more dour than the first with the fish staying deep and skulking around. Again, I didn't play about and netted him pretty quickly. A swift photo then back in the river and away after a few minute's rest. Rod christened. Season saved. All is good....................................Attachment 32726The next hour and a half proved fishless and by then a gammy leg was grumbling so I called it a day. Very happy with how things have ended on what's been a tough season for several reasons. Now for that red wine and ibuprofen cocktail .....
    Cracking story well done. I too have been exploring with the single hander, a change from what Iím used to also. And great fun itís proved to be- z.
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