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    I posted last night in the Ribble thread about this and Malcolm Greenhalgh's letter in this months FF&FT mag. It's interesting to read other peoples experience on their rivers where the rains have brought big runs in and others where they haven't. I wonder if the nature of the estuaries make a difference? Do rivers with long, easily accessible estuaries suffer more than rivers which don't and where the fish may stay out at sea rather than enter the brackish water and start to change their physiology?


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    Certainly regarding the Annan, my report on fish numbers is fairly accurate. My mate is a half netter and has been for over 20 years. End of July, beginning August, their were large stocks waiting to run. A very small percentage have run the river.
    I also know there was a lot of fish waiting to run the river, but just because they haven't been caught doesn't mean that their not in the system or the other river's in the solway catchment, some of the fish that have been caught or seen have been very coloured with some fresh fish

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