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    Default West Country Salmon?

    Hi All,

    Looking to go and chase some salmon this weekend over two days, I was thinking of going to the Taw or Torridge but havenít been before and havenít found a lot of detail on how the rivers are performing this year!

    Are there any West Country or Welsh rivers that anyone could recommend a visit too this autumn?


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    Sadly down here we have had no real rain since May and the Taw and Exe are very very low, and I've not seen or heard of many salmon about in either. The forecast doesn't look great either. If the Taw is your fancy Barnstaple and District Angling association has water on the tidal section that might be worth trying, and just below is free to any one with a rod licence and produces fish in these conditions. If it rains The Rising Sun is worth a go and you can get day tickets on Hall and Woolhanger. If the Exe is your fancy PM me and you can have a go on my water as my guest, probably as good a chance as anywhere, which sadly isn't saying much!

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    The season has been desperate for West Country migratory fish. All the rivers are at Summer level and any rain is being soaked up by the land. The last time I spoke to Charles Inniss who knows the Torridge intimately he believed the total catch so fat to be circa 10 salmon! I don't know the Taw numbers but they will be a mere fraction of last seasons. Sorry to be so pessimistic but that is the way it is down here at the moment!

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    Thanks for the info, sounds like itís been a hard season! Iíll keep an eye on the weather forecast and see if any wet looks like itís heading west before dashing off to whip a good foam in to any of those rivers in that case .. rain up north perhaps Iíll try the Tyne

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