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    Had a grebe few weeks ago on a pellet, what vicious little sod, trouble started when I got it to the
    bank stabbing and generally going crazy, had a black backed gull on a mackerel deadbait while sea
    fishing from a boat in wales {skipper dealt with that} numerous swifts while fly fishing on reservoirs,
    but the most unusual intruder was while fishing of the rocks in kynance cove cornwall, I had a garfish on float tackle I was just about to wind it up to my perch on the cliff when a huge black head popped out of the white water below me a great big seal grabbed it and shot of firmly hooked, it was soon of, bit through line
    I'm glad to say

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    A winter Loch Venacher cormorant on a ledgered sardine in 30' of water. Typically, I'd wandered off a bit - often seems to 'induce' a take when it's mega slow going, sun's set and bl**dy freezing!

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    Back in the late 60s, two of us were deadbaiting for pike on Whitenights Lake in the park at Reading University. I had a tremendous run on the deadbait and when i eventually struck, a young Great Crested Grebe burst into the air about 100 yards out in the lake. After an interesting fight, partly in the air and partly in the water, the grebe was netted. It was hooked in the webbing on one foot, was easily released and happily swam off. Best 'pike' run that i have ever had!

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    I've had a few old bats as well!

    Once saw a guy on Cyprus catch a seagull which grabbed his bait mid-cast, he hauled it in & I think he just cut the line somewhere & it flew off.

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    Mate and I were walking in to the river one autumn morning a couple of years ago. Suddenly, the usual, as we thought, pheasant got up from under our feet. Then it fell back down again. It was an owl that had managed to hook itself on a flying c, which had several feet of trailing nylon. Presumably it had been dangling from a tree. It was hooked in the wing. We managed to unhook it. Unfortunately it scuttled away as opposed to flying.

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    Once hooked a common seal when fishing for seatrout in Scapa Flow, it broke off on its first run. Jaygee

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    Hooked a seagull while sea trout fishing the moy estuary from a boat it dove in and took my sand eel that had just been cast then took off it was hilarious I played it in the air like a kite landed it on the boat and released by the skipper and a swan flew through my line on the Severn while taking off it carried on until it hit the hook and then promptly snapped my 12 lb leader !!

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