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Thread: Camp Onka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryfly View Post
    Thanks chaps.
    I was looking at the lodge rather than camping (I think its relatively new). But, doesn't really sound terribly exciting compared to other places even though its reasonably priced for an all inclusive week (1.8k Euro) Oh hum.... back to the drawing board I fear.

    All I want is a 5 star place teeming with keen takers that's cheap. I was hoping to go sooner rather than wait for the after-life...
    Kengis? They do have a new lodge there from last year, I stayed in the smaller ones at Kengis. Not a bad beat, same game big flies sunken.

    If you stay here it opens up other beats on day permits if you have too much water, head up river.

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    Its a lodge at LODGING

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