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    Default Wading waistcoat

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a cheap and cheerful lightweight summer wading waist coat thatís good quality. Iím not a tackle tart so not wanting to spend much. Cheers
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    Default Wading waistcoat

    Try Daiwa good quality and not expensive.

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    Iíve been looking for a snowbee geo wading vest as thatís just what Iím after but looks like they have been discontinued.

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    Default Snowbee geo vest

    Is this the one? Subscribe to emails and get 10% off as well.

    Snowbee Geo Fly Vest - Sage Green |

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    Thatís the fly vest, Iím after something like the wading vest which is the same, just shorter

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    Default Snowbee Wading Vest

    If you don't mind paying in Euros to a company outside the UK. I've never dealt with this company myself.

    Snowbee Geo Fly Vest - Sage Green |

    Sorry this one

    Snowbee Geo Wading Vest
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