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    For many of us, the salmon rods have been gathering dust for weeks and look likely to stay that way.
    Sea trout are an option,but even they are proving difficult with low river levels and high temperatures.
    At least the weather suits sea fishing, and this time of year, fish have spawned and are coming into good condition.
    You may think it's not for you, but most salmon anglers own kit perfectly suited to shore fishing, from rocks or beach. Successful sea fishing is not all about big leads,heavy gear and chuck and hope. Forget 6oz leads and mega-casting. You're looking at 1-3oz and 30-50yds. That brings so many species into play. You need to fish. Pick your species, work out how and where it feeds, put your bait or lure in the right place at the right time. Nothing new there! Your options are most flatfish, bass, wrasse, pollack and even sea trout. Simple mackerel strip in various sizes,with hook size to suit,will catch all these. Must be fresh though!!!
    I am lucky enough to be able to do some inshore boat fishing, I have a boat in Portsoy harbour. Most of my fishing mates are only able to fish on Sundays, which means if I go out on my own mid-week, I have un-used fishing space. If anyone Aberdeen/Moray fancies a day out and can handle fairly short notice (1-2 days), pm me and I'll keep you in mind.
    I'm planning to go out Tuesday, about 9-30 to 4pm. Anyone want to come, let me know. I only have space for two, especially if we do some spinning for pollack.
    Not going out today, got to watch the British G.P.
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    Iím with you tony, I left my local river due to all sorts of reasons and bought a 23ft boat, now I get fish every time I go out and I get to keep them all.
    Lovely fresh plaice, cod and pollack

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