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    Default Barrio single handed spey line

    I am looking for a new line for my 10' Sage one single handed rod which I use for Sea trout fishing and sometimes use 1" copper up to 3" aluminium tubes.
    Rio are taking the proverbial with their lines so I will not buy Rio again until they come to their senses.
    Has anyone had any experience of Barrio single handed spey lines? If so would you recommend it?

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    I just bought an slx 8 weight for similar purpose and think it's an excellent line that will do what you want it to do. I'm just away to get the intermediate and a 4 weight for my fun rod !!

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    I have one and use it on a single handed Salmologic rod, great for single handed spey.

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    I have the Barrio SLX in #5, 7 and 8, great lines, all a wee bit heavy for their weight and Spey well on rods at, or 1 below rating. The Small Stream line is great for roll casting, or Spey casting heavy tungsten head nymphs a fair distance, I use that in #3/4 for a 2-3 weight rod, maybe a 4/5 line would go even better.

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    Barrio SLX are a great line and will Spey Cast extremely well. Here is a video clip using a Loomis NRX 8 weight, 1" copper tube and a 7ft VersiLeader. The only thing I would add is that with a 1" copper tube the fastest sink tip that will turn over properly is 5" per second. Anything quicker and it doesn't work very well.

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