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    Default Small outboards?

    About 12 years ago we invested in four new outboards... Yamaha four strokes 4HP and they were rubbish. Always problems with with gearboxes,(Jumoing out of gear), condensation into internal fuel tanks, prop damage due to eejits reversing into rocks etc and fuel tap issues. They were a nightmare and heavy for the size. I believe the nearest equivalent Yammies are even heavier.
    Prior to these engines we had Yamaha 'Maltas'... the most reliable and simple two stroke, great starters, light and easy to maintain. Now we can't get small two strokes. Nearly 30 years on and they are still reliable and working perfectly. You only have to smile at them and they start first fact half a pull of the starter cord will suffice to get them purring. A for reversing, all you did was swivel the entire engine around... the prop was then protected.

    What small engines (not electric) are available to replace the old Maltas? Preferably with just a forward gear.


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    Get a couple of seagulls Nigel - classic and bombproof!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
    Get a couple of seagulls Nigel - classic and bombproof!
    Can you still get them. They used to be a ****** to start!

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    either keep your eye out for second hand 2 strokes in good nick or look at hondas because I think yammies, mariners, tohatsus, mercury are all much of a muchness

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    If you have a "commercial" requirement then you can still get 2 strokes, not sure how expensive they will be now as the volume of sales is so small.
    I use Tohatsu on our boat (60 hp main & 5hp auxillary), fantastic engines, bombproof & excellent after sales. Our previous boat had twin Honda 70hp, good engines but expensive.

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