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    I hope this helps and is legible!

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    If I may add my 2s 6d worth here.Firstly Chesters rig diag. is good, but you want the 3 way swivel in a direct line from reel line through the rubbing link through to the trace and devon with the weight and its trace hanging off the 3rd leg of the swivel.
    My own rig is very similar, but has a normal in line swivel tied to some 30lb clear Amnesia at the reel end and the BB swivel is at the trace end leading to the Devon.From the Amnesia eye of the in line swivel I have 6 ins or so of 10lb braided Trout backing tied to a straightened paper clip onto which I slip a pierced bullet to suit conditions(I have them up to 2 oz) before bending the paper clip closed to hold the bullet in place.Importantly the length of braid is very very abrasion resistant but being 10lb will break before the trace/main line, over the years I've found braid a lot more robust than a nylon link.Secondly this rig lets me change the bullet weight at will to suit perfectly where I'm trying to swim my devon.
    Now,even if your rig tangles on casting the ball bearing swivel will deal with the whirling dervish of your devon and the top eye of the in line swivel will be held in place and working by the steadying influence of the bullet weight on its link on the swivels lower eye.
    I generally make a few rigs up in advance and keep them in my spinning gear.Never had a problem with this rig, even on the lower Tay with a 2oz ball weight and a gurt big huuuuge chuck!
    Thing with this sort of rig is it has to prevent spin and line twist being passed on up the line and that weight hanging off one eye of the swivel does that to a remarkable degree, hence the BB swivel in the set up and the use of 2 swivels in total.The rubbing link is a very useful addition.

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