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    Default Smolt Run and River Flow Rates

    River levels in my neck of the woods have been reasonably high this spring which should have helped the smolt run descend the rivers quite quickly and hopefully avoid the worst of predation by FEBs. What conditions have the rest of the country had ?

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    Same after all the snow we had. I was down on the Tees yesterday watching a load descend over the Barrage! It was great to see. Hopefully the Seal didnít get too many though Smolt Run and River Flow Rates

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    Really good levels up till a month or so ago, then it's all dropped off and now the rivers are on their bones. Suspect the groundwater would have recharged everything given the winter and very wet spring.

    The trouting is a bit dour, and the best are holed up in pots due to the smaller tribs being 70% stone...

    Mind this river system is one of the most regulated and barriered so that explains why the levels drop off so quickly. Mind given the levels of pollution (don't believe the shiny new film by the EA saying we never had it sooooo good) and barriers there's hardly any salmon make the headwaters, nor smolts the sea. Saw my first tribe of gooseys this year, so maybe they're a coming... We live in hope.

    Bloody caulies will be bolting again...

    Still the rest of the country appears in better stead:

    guaguemap 16may18.png
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    Have been catching a number of smolts while trout fishing. Most are on the small size compared with previous years when some were about 8 inches long. All appear to be in good health.

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