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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Wilkinson View Post

    Where there is clear evidence of serious damage to fisheries, the control of bird predation by shooting as an aid to scaring is permissible if sanctioned and licensed by Scottish Ministers. The Spey Fishery Board receives an annual license to shoot small numbers of sawbills and cormorants but the benefits have not yet been quantified.
    The SFB continues to count these species once every two months, weather and river conditions permitting and the SFB is working with SNH and the Scottish Government to establish a Moray Firth-wide management scheme for sawbill ducks and cormorant. Since the Inner Moray Firth and Cromarty Firth are designated as SPAs for these species, future schemes must weigh up the conservation obligations of DSFBs against those of other relevant authorities.
    Both common and grey seals predate on salmon and trout within the Spey coastal fishery area and the Spey estuary. The Moray Firth Seal Management Plan was implemented in 2005 with the aim of protecting salmon and sea trout stocks while also maintaining the conservation status of the Dornoch Firth SAC for common seals .The scheme introduced the approach of managing seals and salmon over a large geographical area, the training of nominated marksmen to an agreed standard, and the accurate reporting of all seals shot The Moray Firth Seal Management Plan will continue throughout 2008 in its third and final year as a pilot scheme for Scotland.
    The problem lies in the terminology "receives an annual licence to shoot SMALL NUMBERS of ....etc."
    What is needed is consent for a major cull to match the predator numbers to the vastly reduced migratory fish population so that the predation is sustainable in the long term; with the current huge imbalance it is not.

    A cull of around 90% would seem about right as a start, local adjustments could then be made on a licensed basis as required......

    Regards, Tyke.😈

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wee-Eck View Post
    Unfortunately mink can't climb trees and that is where the Goosanders nest.
    They also nest in holes in the banking Wee-Eck when i ghillied we found many nests in the banking and that's how i mentioned mink as I have seen them pulling eggs and chicks out of holes in the banking before,I have also seen them chasing the young ones.

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    Could be since the mink initiative program that has done so well, has left a gap that has suited the goosanders

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    Pine martin numbers are growing fast.
    However, be carefull what you wish for.

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    Someone once told me of a fly called a "Marten's Mistake", tied with a wing of dark brown hair.

    It was so named, apparently, because the marten made the mistake of going back a second time to a gillie's chicken house!
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    I believe otters take waterfowl; FEBS must be a sitting duck if you can swim underwater and drag them under (no pun intended).

    Be interested to know if they have been observed taking FEBs; they take rabbits for sure, which must be harder.

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