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    Quote Originally Posted by wetwader View Post
    Well, everything in life is in a flow, all the time... Why not think about others experiences and change mind, try something new?

    I for myself didnít have too bad experiences until now with small ! trebles or doubles on tubes on the targeted fish. Like mentioned in a former post, the trebles are mostly sitting in best access in the front, tongue or scissors.
    Fishing deep, I use a small double on tubes turned hook up. On small flies I also use doubles.
    When a fish sucks a fly in as far as he wants and can, the hook is placed in the gills, there is usually no help, no matter if it is a single, double or treble. To use a barbless hook maybe, or cutting the leader, could safe the next day...maybe... But usually it is bleeding.
    Thatís for the target fish, salmon or seatrout.

    For small fish itís indeed a problem, but also no matter what hooks are used, it can end seriously.
    I used classic hair patterns on single hooks, big and small, in my first years. Small fishes, Brownies, Grayling or salmon parr were sometimes hooked through the mouth into the brain or the eye. To kill at once or giving a chance was the question in those cases.
    Since using doubles and trebles -each as small as possible!- I didnít have to see this again.
    But nevertheless, it happens from time to time to ask the same question, because the hook is sitting where it will cause damage. Of course in a small mouth a small treble can also sit up and down, giving trouble in handling.

    Barbless hooks could be a benefit in handling fish fast and would also make the difference in those cases.
    But who will try first, to fish all season barbless? I already tried it, with mixed results, but not long enough to have reliable experiences.

    As far as I know (please jump in if I am wrong), there are no empirical data for the question discussed here.
    Regulations for fishing a single hook like in some countries may be a result of experiences or theoretical thoughts. But a barbless hook as a benefit for the fish (target fish and hooking of small fishes) should not be in doubt.
    If I am free in fishing and I hook two or three Parr, I change place. But this happens mainly in low water while using small doubles.
    I am convinced, the hooking mortality of small fish is a real problem and can cause serious river damage, especially in rivers with high fishing pressure - additional to the well known other mortality risks !

    We all want to do it right! We all are passionated. And we all have different experiences!
    Not so easy when this is coming together in a forum thread like this and everybody wants to convince others what is the best for the beloved fishes and the beloved fishing for all of us in long term.
    I am relatively new here and donít want to be misinterpretated. By no means I want to say how to do, but I also see this happen all too often in forums I have to be because of my profession.

    Learning from others, like already mentioned by a previous poster, is the biggest benefit of a forum. The experiences are different. Thatís how it should be, otherwise itís running empty. Very important to discuss different thoughts. To take it relaxed, with care and tolerance, is not always easy in debatesSingles, doubles or trebles...???

    All of us and all of the previous posters want to do the best for the fishes!

    What I take for myself out of this discussion is, at least to try the newer single hooks in small sizes for my tubes. Itís worth a try. Most of my salmon fishing is c&r meanwhile. Maybe itís more of c&r on long line thenSingles, doubles or trebles...???

    Great reply, thanks you

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    [QUOTE=Procurator Fishcal;1061071]

    Offsetting a hook is widely believed to increase hooking power.
    The difficulty in experimenting with hooks is that no matter what you use, some fish will get off and you'll never be sure why.

    You're never sure why some fish get off? its all on how the fish takes your fly or spinner ? Falkus's book on Salmon Fishing explains this in detail.

    As for singles I use the offset micro barbed carp hooks on tubes in the Autumn when the river(s) is awash with leaves

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