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    See them taking grilse around 5 lbs and kelts.
    One of the lochs I fish was stocked with rainbows and with in half an hour About 30 cormorants appeared and formed a semicircle hearding the fish into the bank when they all dived. By the time they were finished there would be none of the £6,000 of stock left.
    Pest as they [cormorants] are the goosanders will eat the fish long before they get to that stage and many more.

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    A lot!!

    They need culling all over the UK before itís to late.

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    Default kpmssalmon

    Once again the Country File program shows who has the EA ear regarding policy when it has introduced a voluntary (for the time being) ban on inshore fishing with nets during the breeding season for seabirds one of the named ones being cormorants , because being diving birds they were being caught up in loose nets . So it looks like a policy of protection for the cormorants from cradle to grave , and the best protection for the salmon is to introduce as much restrictions as possible on the most inefficient predator that nature has at present the rod and line fishermen.

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    In the Thames valley, the number of gravel pits and lakes used to have thriving populations of roach/bream etc, the pike population was a reflection on this abundant prey source, now these waters have very few prey fish left, the pike fishing is almost non-existent, all down to the huge cormorant numbers.
    In the 1980,s, we used to see the odd one, winter visitors, by the 90,s they were resident on some waters, one in particular went from an evening roost numbering 20 to over 150 in 5 years, out of control, and at the time, unchecked, even now most of these waters make no attempt at controlling these pests.
    I would imagine the same scenario exists all over, what chance does the salmon have, these days very little, many systems are struggling, the keepers do their best, but culling a few birds on the rivers will not dent the numbers, unless the main roosts are targeted, its just a never ending cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsbrugh View Post
    They can certainly swallow a 2lb rainbow no problem. I have seen one regurgitated by a dead cormorant, that had sadly passed away (probably of old age), just as I was passing.🤭
    Not surprised. I have photographed a cormorant trying to eat an eel I estimated at 2feet in length. It did eventually manage to swallow the whole thing but did not look happy. It could barely float afterwards. I took a series of still pictures and wish I'd videod the whole thing.

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    Cormorant fishing. - Mizanur Rahman Mizan

    A video showing them fishing with the bands around their necks.

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    Default kpmssalmon

    In Ireland you have to get a license to cull cormorants but Inland Fisheries Ireland tell you they canít issue a license you have to apply to Department of Wild Life who will tell you that cormorants are a protected species so wonít issue a license they wonít even issue a license to scare them . Meanwhile flocks of upto 30 have been seen on club waters in the Thomastown area .

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    Shocking the angling bodies need to stand up & actually do something for us for a change.

    They need a massive cull then a plan going forward to manage their numbers effectively.

    Breeding grounds would be a place to start.

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