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    The word you're looking for is 'anticipointment', a term I first heard on Radio 4 in 2016, which describes this situation exactly: the more anticipation (and excitement), the greater the disappointment when it doesn't work out. I wrote about the phenomenon here if you're looking for some distraction. Of course anticipointment is worst when conditions are superb and then you blank, so at least the bad weather should help take the edge off it. And you never know, you might surprise yourself: tight lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil W View Post
    Annual spring trip to the Dee this week. First day is Thursday and the forecast is shall we say far from ideal. Better dust off the skagit which may act like dapping floss in the forecasted wind. All those long winter months tying flies and planning and the weather god drops a bomb.
    Should we go and to hell with it, sit in the fishing hut and get drunk or stay home? Dilemma overload

    Dapping floss wow never heard of that for donkeys years do people still fish like that as im in the north east and we have no one who fishes with that sort of equipment ie floss and dapping rod of a large variety

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    Only a brown flood or a river completely frozen over will really result in no chance of a fish.

    So yes I would go for it, perhaps putting in the effort when conditions seem to be at their best (relatively).

    Most stretches of river have some pools that are less affected by winds from any given direction. Alternatively, some pools where the fish are closer to your own bank so long casts into a gale aren't necessary.

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