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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro View Post
    I understand the next and final episode of the ECCLR Committee is on live feed tomorrow from around 9.30ish on SPTV. The committee will hear final submissions and further clarification of questions raised at the last meeting. There is apparantly still a motion to anul and there will be a vote at the conclusion. My information is there will be further challenge around MSS failure to comply with equalities and diversity legislation and the robustness of their efforts to uncover the missing Endrick owners catch returns. I've a feeling the midnight oil will be burning in the MSS gang hut tonight, and there might just be a few sticky and uncomfortable moments tomorrow. Will it be enough to convince those voting that this is a half baked, ill considered, badly researched and poorly evidenced proposal that needs filing in B1n. Or will SNP party interests and superior numbers trample everything else underfoot.

    Posted today on the LLAIA website that the discussion is scheduled for 1045 committee room 1.
    Will be firing up Scottish Parly TV to see watch Marine Scotland get ripped apart again! Best reality show on TV last week.

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    Default The models still an orphan.

    I hear MSS are still drawing straws to decide who's turn it is to defend the model this week,with last weeks unfortunate victims still lying down in a darkened room. Reputations were trashed all over the shop, and a few stellar careers stalled in mid orbit. But as entertainment goes it was right up there alongside GOT. 10.45 is still a bit early for a dram, but I'll have one ready just in case there's still some sanity remaining in our nationalist elected politicians and they do the right thing and pull the dross until someone scientific is prepared to have their name mentioned in the same room as their seemingly orphaned "robust model". Not often I've seen scientists take a step bacķ when the chance came to get their name on a research paper. Modesty is not a trait usually found anywhere around MSS. I'm varying hourly between optimism and realism everytime I look at the odds of SNP voting against the party line. Still hoping that tomorrow by noon I'm saying it was the facts 'wot won it, not the spin.


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    good on yer and good luck, could this be a 'moment'

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    Default Mentioned in Dispatches

    Zorro has a lot to tell you today after last nights big adventure. My compadres and I had, after a tip off, the good fortune to intercept a ScotGov convoy carrying important dispatches of a sensitive and private nature which I'll share in full later.

    This convoy was lost and stumbling about around Fintry, trying to follow a hand drawn antique map, with no scale, completely inaccurate estimates of distance, only half the names of local owners and no indication of just how clueless it was. It was apparantly drawn by someone called "wee eddie", who must have been about 4 years old and had used all his crayons in the attempt. Anyway, they had no idea where they were and kept asking locals for directions while unable to accept the map was utter fantasy. They'd been told by wee eddie it was state of the art and much better than that newfangled google map rubbish with satellite imaging that all the stupid folk use. We "Zorro'd" a few and sent them packing, minus their antique map and dispatch case.

    Anyway, to the treasure.

    They were transporting evidence of the latest chemical and germ warfare attack which luckily had been blamed on Russia and old Vlad Putin. But the highly secret analysis intercepted seemed to suggest the origin was closer to home. Both Yulia and her turncoat faither had apparantly ordered the fish at Zizzis Restuarant, Salisbury, shortly before falling ill on a park bench with traces of what was thought was Novochek a deadly Russian nerve agent banned by international law. Analysis however now showed that the cause of the outbreak was actually most likely the organic "iconic" genuine Scottish farmed salmon which was so full of chemicals, medications, growth hormones, stuff to kill lice, stuff to make them pink, stuff to stop the stink, stuff to give them a fishy taste and other unknown but essential deadly agents that it had been hard to differentiate between just plain nutritious plastic food and the most deadly nerve agent known to man. But they don't want Vlad to know yet until they've had a chance to shift the stuff still in the cages otherwise our NATO partners Norway (the largest producers of genuine Scottish salmon) are threatening to pull out and leave us with all the mess. That's NATO and Scotlands West Coast both.

    There was also a dispatch indicating a certain amount of panic in the ranks of MSS following an allegation indicating they hadn't actually taken equalities and diversity into account at all, particularly in relation to disabilities, when deciding to impose cat3 on 50 scottish salmon rivers this year. In the dispatches was a copy of a letter sent to Jackie Baillie MSP by a well respected and extremely successful Loch angler who had contacted her with his very well researched and presented case proving his particular personal circumstances had been completely and deliberately ignored. Zorro has full permission from the author to reproduce the letter in full but agreed to delay until after the SPTV debate is concluded. He wouldn't want to preempt or forewarn MSS of a certain line of questioning and spoil the fun of spontaneity.
    The letter was personally forwarded by Jackie Baillie to all the members of the committee around 8 minutes after she recieved it on Saturday morning so all committee members and the Cabinet Secretary have already had a chance to absorb the contents and MSS have had a fair opportunity to come up with some more excuses, pre-select the fall guy, and pretend the model is still sound as a pound.

    Zorro needs to go now and watch the next unmissable SPTV episode. Don't want to miss a second.

    The letter attached and more after the meeting ends.


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    Default 6 - 5 to the Dummies. Lomond boat for sale.

    As previous post, copy of the letter 6 of the 11 of Scotlands best decided to ignore. Wouldn't surprise me if they all woke up Zorro'd tomorrow.

    But that's the most inept, embarrassing, career threatening, stumbling performance I've ever seen from MSS. And these guys are the cream? I'd be surprised if there's not a few changes a-comin' down "Robust Model Central" immediately, if not sooner. Well there would if i was the cabinet secretary anyway. Basically they just sat there like they were at a retiral doo and took the kickings in rotation. Scientific evidence would be a stranger in any room containing those diddys. It's no wonder MSS staff get away with murder if that what's directing them.. Abysmal. Tortuous. Hesitant. Unconvincing. Stuttering........ but robust enough to convince 6 SNP party lemmings to jump over the cliff with them.

    Below is the dispatch liberated previously. Not convincing enough for 6 hardened hearts who now will get a Party gold star for perfect attendance and by now are congratulating themselves on avoiding an even worse embarrassment than it was.

    But* Zorro has a long memory and an unforgiving nature. As many before have found to their cost.

    Convincing performance from Jackie Baillie especially who showed a real grasp of the whole situation and you could just about hear MSS bum-cheeks clapping together when she started to hold up the kindergarden maps. A Giant against dwarfs. And now MSS will go away and do exactly the same as they've done the last 18 months. SFA. That's because they think it's over and they can get back into British Summer Time Mode and barbies up the Endrick again with the 2 private owners they were able to stumble into. Good job one was carrying his crayons or they'd really have been in the Sh*te.

    Thanks to Jackie Baillie, MSP, one of very few on show who could be proud to use the title. And the other wummin, Liz Smith MSP wasn't bad either.

    No prisoners from now on. SNP, MSS, LLFT, LLFROG, GREEN, all fair game from now on, unless I get the hook.

    To Ms Jackie Baillie, MSP.

    I am am taking the liberty of contacting you in relation to the forthcoming meeting of the ECCLR on Tuesday 20 March, and subsequent to receipt of additional information submitted by MSS following the previous 13 March grilling where you took them to task to over numerous glaring omissions, inconsistencies and fabrications. I have until now been a spectator, although objected in the strongest terms to every previous MSS categorisation, and also participated in every appeal.
    I am a Loch Lomond angler of 37 years experience. I served on the LLAIA Committee for 17 years from 1995 until 2012, and was Vice-chairman from 2003 until 2012. During that time the LLAIA was rescued from near bankrupty to be the largest owner of salmon fishings in the Lomond catchment. Throughout that time I was responsible for the implimentation of, or supported, countless conservation measures, hatchery and stocking projects and habitat improvement schemes and was instrumental in originally setting up the LLFT where I served as a Trustee for 3 years before stepping down for health reasons in 2012.
    I fish Loch Lomond for Salmon and Sea Trout almost exclusively (by necessity) and average 60 days a season, using my own adapted boat, basically because that's now the only way I can continue to fish unaided.
    I suffered a severe stroke in 2006 which has left me with speech difficulties and severe mobility problems in my left arm, hand, leg and foot. I am still able to drive using a specially adapted car, but can barely walk the length of myself and have virtually no use of my left arm, hand and fingers. Through special adaptations to my boat and an enormous degree of willpower and stubbornness I still manage my own boat unaided and continue to fish much the same way as I did before the stroke. Everything is more difficult, slower, more time consuming and dangerous. But it is my lifes obsession and I'll continue to fish this way as long as I am able.

    I am in reciept of the highest level of mobility allowance, attendance allowance, have a blue badge parking concession and the LLAIA grant me a full disabled membership concession. I'm happy to provide supporting evidence for this if requested. (but my evidence will be real supporting evidence not hand sketched fag packet panic assumptions) All of this allows me to still participate in the sport I love and through the occasional help of numerous Balmaha based anglers I had anticipated many more years of peaceful participation.
    That is until MSS decided, against all logic, advice and reason to make the lomond system cat3 and impose CCR.

    I can cope by myself with everything thrown at me so far. I can launch, recover, handle and maintain my own boat. I can manage to set up rods, lures, tie knots, hook and land salmon and sea trout and even manage to clean and fillet the odd one. What I can't manage is to unhook a large, live, wild fish thrashing about in a landing net with all kinds of hooks flying about, in order that it is returned to the water alive under CCR. My only chance to continue salmon fishing is to be able to humanly kill the fish in the net before removal thereby avoiding any chance of getting myself simultaneousy hooked to fish, net and possibly boat. If this was to happen it would be completely impossible for me to unhook myself using only one hand, most likely the one that was hooked.

    I raise this issue as I read in MSS latest equalities and disabilities assessment that no individual angler, or group of anglers is affected by the CCR policy they propose. They infer they have carried out assessments and consultations and their proposals would have no effect. Well, I beg to differ, and include below an extract of an article I wrote some time ago which can still be accessed in full on the BALMAHA anglers web page.

    Extract below from CCR, Tags, and the Loch Angler, July 2014, BAWS

    I have a personal issue with CC&R completely unrelated to the above which illustrates the inadequacies of the “one cap fits all” CC&R rules. Following a stroke I have been left with impaired mobility and limited use of my left arm and hand. I can just about hold a rod but have little feeling, can't reel in left handed and have difficulty tying knots or anything else requiring delicacy of movement. My dancing days are also over. Despite this I still manage to troll, fly fish and dap much as before even if everything needs done at a somewhat slower pace. Everything I do now has to be worked out in advance and equipment modified to suit. But I'm lucky in that I can still do any of it at all. Out alone I have hooked, played and landed a number of salmon post stroke and although after landing a fish sometimes it’s a toss-up as to who expires first, everything is manageable given a bit of care and luck. But it's after landing that the CC&R issue then bites. Another challenge here for the Chairman, or for anyone else on the Committee for that matter. You have a fresh angry 15 pounder in the net, number six of the year so it must go back, hooked on the troll on a Toby. It's hooked immovably in the scissors by the treble hooks but the hooks are now also in the net mesh. The fish, still in the net, is now spinning like a Kenwood Chef, entangled in the mesh and lashing its tail in amongst the other rods and equipment. Now, stick your left hand in your pocket and leave it there, either until you release the fish or it expires gasping on the deck in the process. Using only your right hand, hold the lashing fish steady, extract the hooks from the net, the hooks from the live fish and the live fish from the net. Then hold it over the side of the boat by the tail, again using only one hand, until it recovers enough to count as a return, or you tumble in with it. Don't forget to simultaneously photograph it (one handed) at the point of release to a standard to qualify as a confirmed returned fish. And watch out that you don't get accidentally hooked and attached to the live fish in the process as you only have the use of one hand to extract the hook. Before volunteering try extracting a treble hook impaled in your right thumb using only your teeth and right hand fingers. Then look around for a witness to see if anyone saw you return it. Of course I could always fish completely without hooks, only count strikes and accept I'm really doing my bit for conservation. Or I could just count myself lucky still to be in the game, kill the fish in the net, unhook it without the probability of accidental hooking to me and then show it proudly to the next boat passing. Just as I always have done. I use the above extremely personal experience to illustrate the iniquity of impositions without adequate thought as to their ultimate ramifications on others. End

    This complete article was penned and published in the whole in 2014 and has remained unaltered since. It is not newly fabricated to suit particular circumstances, or suddenly produced to counter some earlier falsehood or ommission as is obviously much of the evidence offered by MSS. If anything the restrictions of my disability, for that is what it is, have gradually increased every year since. For MSS to refuse to acknowledge the impact these proposals will have on me, and probably many other disabled anglers who they've likewise ignored is insulting. And worse than that its blatantly against every equality and diversity provision they pretend to have complied with.

    I'd now like to extend the above challenges to any member of MSS (or ScotGov) who might want to try. We won't even need a fish, just volunteer and stick your hand of choice into your pocket and with the other hand try to grab the treble hooked lure I'll provide which is attached to a line which I'll pull every time you try to grab it. Once the hooks are well in and I've towed you round the room for a minute I'll stop pulling and you can then try to get the hooks out of your hand without using the other hand. You can use your teeth if you feel lucky but at any time I might decide to give the line a random pull. Hand, lips, and hooks now all tied together nicely, just add a 15lb live fish jumping around uncontrollably and I'll see you when you get back from the Vale of Leven casualty, (if there still was one)

    As can be seen from the foregoing, MSS have patently failed to carry out any kind of robust equalities assessment as they claim they have in their latest panic measure document. To infer that they have considered this to a level that would allow them to state no individual covered by the equalities criteria is affected by CCR is patently nonsense, as proved by the above.

    I ask that until MSS and Scotgov can truthfully say, and prove, that the requirements of equalities legislation has been fully considered and taken account of that the proposals are today immediately anulled.

    On page20 of the attached documentation MSS say they do not consider that there is any significant or material impact on the equalities requirement of the legislation. They further assert that the measures do not restrict or inhibit access to angling by any person or group of people. They then maintain that access to angling will be the same to all whether the restrictions are in place or not. By my evidence freely given above I have shown that this is patently untrue and that I am materially affected to the extent that I will either have to cease salmon angling on the only possibly place I could continue to enjoy it, or continue and by result break the law every time I had to kill a fish I was physicaly unable to release due simply to the disability MSS appear to want to ignore.

    In closing and after a detailed reading of the committee report of the previous meeting it's obvious that I personally am part of a protected characteristic which MSS and ScotGov clearly have so far failed to protect. At the risk of becoming boring I'll not get into the additional gaping holes around Endrick maps, hand drawn by the very person responsible for much of the missing catch returns. Is it really credible that any hereditary owner of right bank Endrick fishing would actually be unaware of the name of the hereditary owner of the left bank fishing? Because that's what MSS and the LLFT are asking us to believe.

    Thank you,

    Peter A Lyons
    LLAIA Member 1980-2018
    LLAIACommittee member 1995-2012
    LLAIA Vice-chairman 2004-12, Retired

    PS I am happy for any or all of the above to be circulated to whoever you think might be beneficial, and am happy also to clarify any issue you might feel needs additional explanation. Hope you can use some of the above and its not already too late to have it considered as a counter to the latest MSS submissions.


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    Default Today's debate in Scottish Parliament

    I just watched this in disbelief really. Rosanna Cunningham looked totally flaky throughout relying on the two tefal foreheeds to help her out as she lacked any understanding of the fundamentals supporting the blunt tool being debated but then she became expert at the end. Not capable of supporting the common sense facts the rest of the spineless resorted to err on the side of precaution feeling it was better to do something rather than nothing until they get their ducks in a row in the year 20whenever. So in summary when everything is so badly flawed excuse yourself on the grounds that its not perfect even though its not even near fit for purpose and Carry on regardless. The example of a river where one yes one salmon was caught being a higher category sums it up for me.

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    Default Peter AKA Zorro

    I am glad that you had the courage to remove your mask, sorry to hear that you are contemplating stopping to fish the Loch. Having a disability isn't easy but instead of using trebles try barbless singles, you may loose more fish but it will make it easier to unhook them. Take a fishing buddy out with you, they could assist in the landing and returning of fish also make it safer for you and others.
    Best of luck Peter

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