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    I'm afraid it's all about consistency. Singapore Airlines, in common with all large businesses offering catering, need a consistent product. Farmed salmon is almost the perfect product for Airlines, like Singapore Airlines, because it can be produced in lovely equal portion sizes with no waste, all of it is edible with no skin or bones etc, and the quality is always identical due to the advanced supply chain there is no 5 day old fish smell. With government support to the salmon industry to the point where they no longer even need to pretend to play by the rules, all the food compliance boxes are ticked as well. What we know, and Singapore Airlines probably don't, is the huge environmental cost of producing it, as it is currently produced. Sadly many foods, most farmed prawns for instance, have horrific environmental costs but most consumers don't care. I'm sure if Singapore Airlines customers knew about the damage done by salmon farms they could choose better options: in the end it's an educational thing.

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    I must say when I went to visit the bro in law out there Singapore airlines were very good. I went economy out as I went 7 days later than the family and came back business (2.3k all in which wasn't bad). That's the only time I've been business class and it was really good. Seat that changes to a comfy bed. Choice of 5 meals a la carte. Nice steak. They converted the seat and fluffed the pillows. My son dropped a toy into an impossible to get out of seat crevasse and the air stewardess made it her mission in life to get it out, which she accomplished.

    I still agree though the farmed salmon has to be expunged and we should give them grief on twitter! That's the place to call these big companies out and they normally respond in kind. Maybe we'll all get upgraded to business class!
    Itís funny whats happening to us.
    Our lives have become digital -
    our friends, now virtual
    and everything you could ever want to know
    is just a click away.
    Experiencing the world through this endless second hand information isnít enough -
    if we want authenticity Ė WE have to initiate it.

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    A film showing how airline food is prepared would put you off for ever. Never eat on aeroplanes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handel View Post
    A film showing how airline food is prepared would put you off for ever. Never eat on aeroplanes.
    I'd be amazed if airline food preperation was anything but the highest of hygiene standards, the companies who do the airline catering will without doubt certainly in the UK BRC certified, I hsve a company which has BRC and its extremely demanding when it comes to hygiene and ensuring food is safe to eat.

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