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    Quote Originally Posted by Occasional salmon fisher View Post
    Just watched the last episode, another enjoyable programme with some lovely footage. Encouraged to hear that the number of female anglers is on the rise.

    Fleeting coverage of the reasons for the decline in numbers of salmon (the 10 million down to 3 million figure was quoted again !) and general talk about co-operation bween wild fish interests and farmed salmon interests and more sustainable farming - but no mention of CLOSED CONTAINMENT farming.

    But leaving aside the political elements, a good series with some nice footage of rivers and some interesting characters.

    Favourite has to be the "mature" lady on the Oykel (90 +) and her comment that she does tend to get a bit tired if she fishes all day now !!
    Also encouraged by young fisherman like Jordan Grant coming on the scene.
    Cheers Diarmid.

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    Jings, the last instalment had me choking on my organic muesli...

    After the shock of the anti-netting pro C&R slant the series maintains (without explaining why salmon appeared to be more numerous when netted and C&K'd ), we're whisked off to Royal Deeside to find out the Dee is performing as a shining example. Not sure if it was filmed 8 seasons ago

    Bumper catches, they say.

    Surely something is wrong in the state of Danemark, given the way the Dee has performed these last few years with all the discontent shown on here etc..

    The other belter was the Ghillie on Park, spending a bit of time with the newcomer and instilling in her a sense of responsibility.

    "Aye, these Spring fish are precious, that one will have 5,000 eggs in her and they need protecting so we'll let her on her way"

    Cue smile...

    If only she had a world weary head on her, the comeback could have been:

    "How's that working out for you? Seems it's doing such a greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat job: after 25 years of that and narry a difference, catches performing worse than a river that's still being netted (to the tune of >100% of the rod catch every year.) Is it me or is that what we call
    "IG Logic" whereby the ghillies pocket more tips for all the recaptures and slag off the old timers for chapping these insignificant fuish for a sustainable tasty treat???? Think of how much the same it would have been with C&K instead"

    Can't wait for the next riveting instalment
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    Hmmmm, the Scottish River Classification thread makes a bit more sense now. Who'd've thought that Rosanna Cunningham got all her fishing information from Alba.

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    @ Seeking!

    Seems that you need to re-read your signature!

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