Rather than kidnap another thread I started a new one. In that thread Springer has said that there is a separate AFTM scale for salmon lines, that a salmon line could be twice the weight of a trout line of the same AFTM rating. This is something I never knew and doesn't make sense to me.


Well I've got a couple of old DT10 salmon lines and they work just fine on a #10 salmon rod.

However I also use a very heavy 10ft single hand rod (11-13 rating) and they also work just fine on it too, I don't believe I could do that if I was actually casting something twice the weight of a trout DT10! Further, I also use a standard WF13 with a 40 ft head on the single handed rod and I can confirm it is indeed much heavier.

AFTM 10 is approx 280 grains for the first 30 feet excluding taper. So if we double that to 560 grains for 30ft would be quite extraordinary - meaning that a 75 ft head would be heading on for 1400 grains - say 3 ounces. It seems a lot to me.

Can you point me to the different scale?