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    Default good back up reel for trip to BC

    Am looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced 8 weight fly reel as a back up reel my hardy demon 7000 for a trip to BC. Must have a good drag and am happy with second hand. A spare frame for the demon would be a good alternative if could find one. TIA

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    The original Teton Tiogas have a good reputation as robust steelhead reels if you don't mind used. I've picked up a couple in the 8/9 wgt class this year and they're very nice reels for the 40 to 50 I've paid on eBay. There's one there presently as Buy It Now but at 129.95 it's far too much, imo. If you've time to wait, though, they're worth considering. Here's a US FFF thread discussing them.

    Tiogas were Teton's cheaper range, 'Teton' being their top marque. I think that the engineering was the same but fittings like the handle were superior - wood not plastic and such. I've not picked a Teton reel up yet but I'm watching and waiting ....

    I like Tiogas enough to buy a few more so P.M. me if you're going to bid on one and I won't compete in that auction.
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    Buy the best reel you can afford . I learned the hard way on a trip to BC last year.

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    I have a good condition shakespeare pfleuger #8-10 (model 2857).

    Pm if interested.

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    Im really impressed with the vision deep for the money. Nice smooth drag and holds a ton of backing and probably looking at 120 quid new with a spare spool.

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    Have a look at the Airflo Xceed, very good drag, smooth and tough, best bit is around 60, I bought the 9/10 for my switch rods, and spare spools are cheapish too, loads of room for backing.

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