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Thread: Fishing Car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safranfoer View Post
    More for anyone else reading this than the OP as he doesn’t mention dogs - but if you have dogs and crate them, take the crate with you when shopping around. I was surprised that mine (not huge) wouldn’t fit in the qashqai and a couple of other 4x4s. Kia too, I think.

    I have an xc60. I like it a lot, it does the job on the light off roading I do, you can fit an 8ft Christmas tree in without breaking a sweat so assume it ticks the adult man sleeping box.
    Just sold on my Suzuki GV and bought an XC60 2.4 AWD manual - quite impressed overall. Sufficient 4WD ability for my needs and great space/practicality. Drives great. Will need to sell my magnetic vac rac tho, as the bonnet is, I think, aluminiumFishing Car?

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    Default Volvo bonnet

    😀 you’ll have to get a vac bracket. Awesome cars and that D5 when you put it into sport mode and put your foot down!!!! 😀😀

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