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    Default Iceland & Norway get 200 miles, we get 12 - why?

    Brexit means we get our fishing waters back and can govern and enforce our own waters but....

    Why have the tories only gone for 12 miles when our scandi friends got 200?

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    Get as many miles as ye can. Ireland sold out some of the best fishing in the world.

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    Default scared

    its probably because our government is s--t scared of upsetting the Spaniards, French, russians and everybody else that robs our waters, and always has been

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    Are you sure you aren't confusing territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone?

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    I would be verry surprised at that as We have the 12m limits at present

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    Quote Originally Posted by King clam 1 View Post
    I would be verry surprised at that as We have the 12m limits at present
    12 miles is the Territorial limit. This is our sovereign territory, although civilian shipping can use it under most circumstances. On leaving the EU we will automatically have a 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone in which we have all the fishing, mineral, generation etc. rights but all shipping can use it. This is under current international law and is not something to be negotiated with the EU. It is possible we will grant EU fishing vessels access to our EEZ as part of a broader deal, but I would think it unlikely without something very juicy in return.

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    Actually I'm not quite right, we allready have this and the surface waters are international waters. We currently pool our fisheries under CFP with all other EU nations. Obviously after Brexit membership of CFP or not will be decided/negotiated like everything else.

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