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    Default THe Scottish Government just don't give a damn!

    Well, the main stream press are beginning to take note:

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    This article is 3 years old !!!

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    Default Alex Salmond did no favours for Salmon

    Alex Salmond stands accused of overheating production of Scottish farmed salmon to meet China's insatiable demand for sushi in return for its loan of two pandas to Edinburgh Zoo !

    probably true !

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    Aye its 3 years old but he is correct about ScotGuv!

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    it's going to get worse, SNP don't give a damm about the situation - and never have !

    SNP not for fishermen (Gary Smith) | The Shetland Times Ltd

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    Quote Originally Posted by strowan lea View Post
    Aye its 3 years old but he is correct about ScotGuv!
    Aye, but it's hardly hot off the press.

    Although Scotgov are still spouting the same guff 3 years later !

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