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    Default It's a Wonderful Life!

    No, this is nothing to do with the age-old Xmas repeat of the Frank Kapra classic film, but instead it's film footage of father and son fishing two very different rivers 480 miles and 48 years apart.
    The first clip is my dad (then aged 42) fishing on the River Dart, South Devon in May 1964, with three fish to show for a morning's work (the Dart was a marvellous spring river until around 1970, when the spring run declined and then effectively disappeared through the truly dreadful UDN). The spring fish used to average around 10-12lbs. Those three fish were 9, 12 and 14
    Points to note:
    1. This was well before Catch and Release was invented
    2. Cane Rod and single hook fully dressed flies
    3. Proper anglers wore shirt and tie at all times, but were permitted to remove jacket if under stress!
    The footage was digitised off an 8mm cinefilm

    Second clip is the son (me, aged 62), on the Urr, in S W Scotland, in July 2012, with a fish around 7 lbs
    Points to note:
    1. Hens generally released
    2. Cane rod! (same vintage)

    Hope the links work! Enjoy

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    love the action of the cane rod . nice to see some fish taken home for the table ,lets hope that comes round again. enjoyed the vids

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    I agree although I was surprised to see how long the fish took to land and return.

    This tube link (from, say, 4 mins on) shows how I feel we should aim to release a fish.

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    The rear old times! When Our river were bursting at the seams with Salmon...
    Fly Fishing & Rugby a Marriage made in Heaven.

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    Great footage of fishing on the Dart !

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    Thank you very much for posting those films. Nice to see the action of a cane rod with a good bend in it. Brings back memories and helps shorten the winter! Looking forward to next season now.

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    Not fishing. However a father and son thing. My father had the 100/1 1967 Grand national winner Foinavon and I in 1990 had the 100/1 Cheltenham gold cup winner Nortons Coin.That takes some doing. Im pretty confident nobody can emulate that. Any takers?

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    Ah, those were the days, the old tree branch priest!

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