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    Default Cook it before you eat it

    Think twice before you take a fish for smoking ...

    look at attached video ... after you had the spuds
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    Interesting Jack thanks for posting. When I used to send a fish for smoking it was always returned in many vacuumed packs that I stored in the freezer and only removed when required. Category 3 here now so no such worries and would also imagine a few drams probably wipe out any larvae in the gut . It also seems the farmed stuff isn't so much a risk of the larvae. Just the cancer you have to worry about then .

    From wiki:

    Raising consumer and producer awareness about the existence of anisakid worms in fish is a critical and effective prevention strategy. Anisakiasis can be easily prevented by adequate cooking at temperatures greater than 60C or freezing. The FDA recommends all shellfish and fish intended for raw consumption be blast frozen to -35C or below for 15 hours or be regularly frozen to -20C or below for seven days.[11] Salting and marinating will not necessarily kill the parasites. Humans are thought to be more at risk of anisakiasis from eating wild fish rather than farmed fish. Many countries require all types of fish with potential risk intended for raw consumption to be previously frozen to kill parasites. The mandate to freeze herring in the Netherlands has virtually eliminated human anisakiasis.[12]
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    Default Food Standards Agency advice

    This subject crops up most years and people's opinions on the forum is as usual divided.
    For those who are interested here is the advice from the Food Standards Agency which was posted on the TweedNews site : -

    Salmon with Red Vents advice on keeping
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    Default Damn timing

    Cooked enough?

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