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    Default Spring Beat with good facilities for non fishing guest

    I have booked 3 days on the Spey next year for the first week in May and have decided to take my Mother along as a non fishing guest following the passing of my Father earlier this year. She loved to sit on the bank whilst he fished and I thought it would be a nice break for her whilst I fish. So I have 3 days booked at Tulchan as the riverside facilities and views are excellent for the guests however I am looking for 2 or 3 more days elsewhere for the back end of the first week in May. Can anyone recommend a beat with great riverside facilities i.e a nice welcoming edge where guests are welcome and of course the fishing is good for me!
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    Default Spey in May

    Not sure you'll find anywhere to match Tulchan facilities in the whole of Scotland never mind just the Spey. Mind, Carron has a similar splendid hut but do they have vacancies at that time of the year? williegunn might be able to advise? But most beats on the river have fairly comfortable huts though you might want to check on the toilet availability - that's what puts the non-fishing ladies off. Great time of year to be on any beat of the Spey - tight lines.

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    Middle Pavilion on the Tweed is a lovely beat and the hut is in a position right next to one of the main pools. Mick Charlton the ghillie will look after you with plenty of tea and coffee and it's just a short 5 minute drive up into Melrose if she want's to go looking around the shops in the town.
    That would be my choice and a lovely gesture by the way. keep the spirit of your dad alive..Nice One!!
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    You won't find a more picturesque beat than Phones part of the Knockando estate. You can get their number from fishspey to check availability.

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    Lower Crathes on the Dee if they have availability. Great ghillies, great facilities, lovely water.

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