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    Default Jacket advice - Simms or not?

    Was thinking of getting a Simms G4 pro wading jacket.
    Are they worth the money?
    Want something that is proper waterproof and breathes well and plenty of room to store stuff and that will stay waterproof!

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    I know many many people rate them very highly. I'm only one view. However, I had one which was terrible. It latest 1 year and was leaking terribly after that. Rain just bled through the fabric at the hint of a shower. Hopeless. I also found the hood very disappointing for a jacket at that price. It really lacked rigidity so it flapped about all over the place in a wind. Flicking water all over and covering one eye up, and being really irritating.

    I changed to a Vision and it's been excellent. Bullet proof and under 200. I know what I will be buying next time.

    Oh, and Simms refused to replace it, give a refund or anything. Apparently there was no 'technical fault' ... my R's

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    Nice one, cheers for the thoughts, surprised at your issues with it. Will give the vision a look.
    Any other opinions appreciated.

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    I can't recommend Patagonia enough.
    Had it three years or so and its still bombproof and believe me I have been in some bloody heavy rain!!

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    I have had the various incarnations of the G4 Pro for about the last 10yrs,

    In contrast to Dryly none of them have leaked and I have found the hood to be excellent. I wear my gear more than most and Im out in bad weather in it more than most and I tell people that for me at least I feel I can rely on Simms to keep me dry when the weather turns really nasty.

    The Simms G4 is a good jacket in my opinion but like any vortex fabric it needs to be maintained. As such it gets washed once at the end of each season using the Nicwax wash and restore product, I also use this on my waders, again once a year at the end of the season. Even the best Gortex should be maintained if you want it to provide continuous top level performance.

    Im not the kind who just spends money for the sake of it, if I felt I could save a few hundred quid on a new jacket that would be as reliable I would for sure. Ive seen many guys came and go with different cheaper brands, some have been good but most can't take the punishment my Simms has.

    I would recommend the Simms G4 Pro 100% so much so Ive just bought a new one this week.

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    I would agree with above, if you've got the money then Patagonia make very good jackets. Theyre not 'goretex' per se, its Patagonia's own equivalent membrane that they use, H2No. Its a similar design but its a little heavier in weight, which I prefer as it seems harder wearing. I cant fault it as my jackets probably coming up to 10 years old now.
    It doesnt matter of course which jacket you buy, for every recommendation on here your going to get an equal and opposite leaky horror story!

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    Just in case you wonder why Im onto my fourth Simms jacket in 10yrs I should explain. I feel that in my job it is important to look professional as well as being professional, as such I dont think wearing old clothing that is out of date with the latest product is a good image to portray.

    Many of my clients would expect me to look like they do, i.e. dressed in the same up to date products that I have recommended to them so I bite the bullet and buy the latest Simms jacket and waders every 2yrs now. That is a business decision based only on a cosmetic issue rather than a function issue, if I had a different job I suspect I would still be wearing the original 10yr old jacket now, the mate I sold it to is

    I will very soon have a nice 2yr old G4 washed and reproofed in XL for sale at a good price

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    I used one from Loop for about 10 years. Since then I do have one from Vision but also one from Simms. (Bulkley) I am happy with both but the Simms was almost double the price. I am sure that the Simms will last double the time so the price will be about the same in the end.

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    Well lots to think about there!
    Would be interested in your old jacket Springer but alas a little too big for me. Large is probably best for my build though Medium might be ok.

    Cheers chaps!

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    Goretex is a patented water repelling product. Simms and many other jacket manufacturers buy it to make their waterproof gear from.
    Some like to put a little mark-up on their prices some like to put very big mark-ups on their prices.
    Others make use of several other excellent water repelling fabrics that are available.

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