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Thread: wading bans

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    I fish for both salmon and coarse fish, notably grayling. However, soon as the salmon season ends (and the grayling one starts) there is a general wading ban on some rivers. Can't quite get my head round this. Ban wading til 01 feb , then with the salmon season open again, immediately you can wade again? Seems pretty unfair on grayling fishing. Now I know its to stop people wading / shuffling over redds, but salmon roe/ aelvins stay in the gravel til April, Surely there should be a total wading ban til mid april?

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    Agree with a total ban on wading during the winter and would continue it through the spring as well.
    We had a great backend run of "greybacks" which gave the best sport of the season. They have now disappeared. The grayling fishers got very plentiful on the river and it was quite common to see small groups shuffling down the pools.
    I fish for grayling as well so it is not a case of being against them.
    It always surprises me how many fishers splash into the river as deep as they can go and then thrash out as long a line as possible [salmon fishers?]

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