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    Default Greys Strata wading boots.

    Has anyone any experience of these boots with the rubber sole.
    Have put loads of good studs into them but still keep slipping about in the water with them. When the boots are sat on a hard surface they stand proud thanks to the studs but as soon as you put some weight on to them the studs sink into the rubber.
    Pity as they are very comfortable to wear.

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    Tried them first without studs and was very slippery but found the studs made a big difference, placed just where they recommended. Still don't feel they give as good a grip on rocks as my snowbees with rubber heel and front felt soles but they are so comfy I'm persevering, however if anyone has ideas to improve grip I too would be happy to hear how
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    The crampon type studs might be worth a look, strap on over the boots, seen them in several catalogues, snowbee do some 9.99.

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