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    Default Strange bump/ lump on Carron Spey line

    Hi all, looking for a quick answer please from your vast experiences. Sounds like a question to the doctor?! Lol

    Have recently purchased a 2nd hand Carron line. Had a quick look at it before loading onto the reel and noticed a pronounce lump/ "pimple" on the head line. Have attached a photo of this. Is this normal and intended as a guide to optimal loading point or have I been sold a duffer?

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    Mumps or chicken pox ? Either way it looks like a manufacturing defect.

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    Looks like a manufacturing fault

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    If it was new I would say send it back as they would certainly replace it, give them a try even though its second hand, you might get a surprise as its clearly a manufacturing/QC issue and nothing to do with use.

    If not it would be very easily repaired with some heat shrink tubing and a pair of hair straighteners or a flame. Place the clear heat shrink over the bulge and extending 2"-3" either side, heat it until the line becomes pliable which should take 5-10 secs, roll it between your fingers and a hard surface and the lump will most likely disappear, its just a blob of PVC by the looks of it and this can happen in the manufacturing process. Once cooled remove the heat shrink.

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    Ive seen these sort of defects several times on Carron lines - there must be something about the soft pliable covering they specify that makes it more likely. They will replace for sure if new

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