News from Atlantic Salmon Federation

ASF Rivernotes – The first sense of Fall salmon
Temperatures may remain warm until Sunday, but there is a first feel that fall is descending on the rivers, with interesting possibilities.
ASF River Notes | Reports on salmon runs, research field work and other matters of interest in the world of Atlantic salmon

News From the Regions –
ASF’s Nathan Wilbur uses a short Video Blog Post less than a minute long to explain a brand new enhancement project.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - News from the Regions

ASF Research Update
It is the season to see how productive our rivers are. But things can go wrong.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Research - In the Field

New Partnership of ASF and Healing Waters
A new partnership program focuses on recovery of both disabled veterans and wild Atlantic salmon.
New Partnership Focused on Recovery of Both Disabled Veterans and Wild Atlantic Salmon | MidCurrent

Predicting Salmon Responses to Dams on the Penobscot
A major project is taking the mystery out of determining survival of Penobscot salmon as they come up against dams and other obstructions. There are lessons for other rivers across North America.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - On Penobscot Predicting Fish Populations Response to Dams

Nova Scotia Land-based Salmon is Reaching Market
Sustainable Blue is going to market with its salmon. This is exciting news in land-based aquaculture.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - NS Salmon Farmed on Land Brought to Market

Is a Land-based “Explosion” in the Cards?
A major Norwegian company has had a new economic analysis completed of land-based costs, and the situation is much changed from just a few years ago. Read more.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Is a land-based Explosion in the Cards

Nova Scotia Says New Aquaculture Regulations in October
The long anticipated new regulations for aquaculture will be released next month. The Province is saying they may be some of the best in the world.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - NS Says New Aquaculture Regulations in October