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    Default North Coast Holiday

    Evening All
    I am heading up to Strath Naver in July, along with Loch, River and Estuary fishing I want to do some metal detecting, I got into this during the close season and am hooked.
    What I am asking is does anyone on here, have any land, know anyone ie farmers or friends who have land that might be willing to grant permission for detecting.
    We follow a code of conduct ie all holes are filled in and only go on ground where permission has been granted
    Although we will be based at Skelpick/bettyhill a drive to Thurso and the surrounding area would not be a problem

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    Early last year I was working on a wall in a barn in Caithness which is quite near Sinclair castle. Over the centuries bits of the castle have ended up at the farm, while working on the wall we found a small stone about 4 x 6 " that had a lot of circles on and a bit of a cross, we did'nt think much of it, we thought they were mason marks from a hundred years ago, but the farmer thought it worth checking out. We took it to a local archaelogy boffin who said it was the symbols of St Catherine and probably a very important find and should go to Treasure Trove Scotland for assessment.

    Months went by and in the mean time some chap found some stuff in a Dumfries field that was worth a million. Finally we got the news - the stone was 7th century one of the first christian symbols in Scotland and one of the most important archaelogical finds in donkeys years.

    Brilliant if it's that important it must be worth a mint, more than the Dumfries find- farmers on 50% me and my mate 25% each, a cool 250k + for sure.
    It turns out archaelogy doesn't work like that, even though it's more important than the Dumfries stuff Treasure Trove Scotland coughed up a whopping 150, which gave me a family fortune of 37.50. Next time it'll be cemented into the ******* wall.

    Good luck with the metal detecting

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