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    Default Bloomington study and subsequent spoiling.

    A decade ago a study found very high levels of PCBs in farmed salmon originating in North America and Europe, the findings quite damming , I shall a link below. Farmed Salmon More Toxic Than Wild Salmon, Study Finds -- ScienceDaily

    Subsequently the PR machinery of the Aquaculture industry put in place a campaign which can only be described as nefarious , a paper on same is linked below.
    Spinning farmed salmon | David Miller -

    If you have a bit of time or are of a type to find such intrigue of interest have a read.
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    Thanks for posting.

    The David Miller paper (in the second link) takes a bit of digging-out, and is a tough read, 22 pages + notes, but it's a real eye-opener.

    As you say, an analysis of the political and industry-led íspinning' that was done to cover up the scientific finding in 2004 that farmed salmon was, still is in fact, laden with dangerous chemicals. As an aside, Scottish farmed salmon topped the toxicity league. Much of the Miller article focuses on BritGov's and Nor/BritSal's response to those findings.

    Media manipulation, the use of reassuring 'authority figures', concealed paybacks, concealed allegiances, data deceit and twisting, fake websites, internet shills, etc, etc, etc.

    This sort of modern 'herding' of public opinion by commercial bodies, politicians and pet scientists destroys the meaning of words like accountability, transparency and democracy. It rings a few other bells.
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