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    Default Decent Week on the Tay

    Thank goodness a decent week on the Tay at last.
    101 on the Fishpal up to now and there still may be a few to come.
    Did not quite manage to contribute myself but had a nice springer about 15lb fall off just at the net so good luck to him.
    On for two days next week so here's hoping.

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    best of luck ! i think the tay has done very well considering the amount of water its had of late !

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    The river's sitting at a nice height just now. Settled weather for the beginning of next week too. I might venture out on Wed/Thurs for a cast.

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    getting to be a better time of the season, tweeds catches have come alive last week too, this next month or so should tell weather or not we are getting any improvement on last years disaster, all we can hope that there is! nice to hear that there is a small ray of light on the horizon, hope next week bears more fruits
    my three most successful flies are gold bodied willie gunn, gold bodied willie gunn and gold bodied willie gunn

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    Looks like it has collapsed again.
    Only five fish on Fishpal for today.

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