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Thread: Fly Tying Kit

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    I want to get back in to flytying. I just want to be able to tie salmon tubes & doubles. Where would be the best place to get a kit from? And how much would it likely cost me for the full kit inc vice. (I am not bothered about tying trout flies)



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    I dont know if you mean kit as in starter kit or kit as in...well..just stuff. Flytying starter kits are typically junk, if thats what you meant. Id just buy an inexpensive vise, HMH* spring to mind which is what I tie upon and ran me under $200 (200 genuine American notes, mind, so you can do the math there), along with the necessary tools of a tying scissors, a quality bobbin (this is important to avoid frustrating thread breakage), a bodkin, and a hair stacker, along with possibly a whip finish tool if you prefer this to finishing by hand.

    Probably run you sub $300 (again, 300 genuine American notes, not yalls funny money) for the entire shebang.

    *HMH Spartan is what I tie upon. A noble vice of strength, honor, and courage. In fact, it is said that Leonidas and his 300 carried this vice to Thermopylae with them.

    "Go tell the Salmon, stranger passing by,
    That here, obedient to Kelson, Rogan, and Blacker law, we tie."

    -HMH Spartan

    Pure class.

    (That last part may or may not be true. But it probably is....)
    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    Thanks, I had a kit in the past; but 90% of of was rubbish I didn't use. Not sure what happened to it. So thinking about building a kit up from scratch to tie salmon tubes & doubles.

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    The nice thing about the HMH vises are that the jaws screw in and out so you can switch out the jaws for holding hooks to the HMH tube holder which goes straight on in there and is better than the tube holders that clamp into the jaws.

    Point Im trying to make it: easy to tie either or on the HMHs.
    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    I don't know what your budget is but if it is towards the budget end I can recommend the Snowbee Fly-mate vices. Should be available around the 40-50 pounds. Great value for the money in my opinion. Add the HMH tube tool and you're good to go. I also have a more expensive vice which is a beautiful tool and a joy to use but 9 times out out 10 I pull out the fly mate if I need to knock up a few flies...
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    i suppose it all depends what you are willing to spend?

    i just use a reagent vice cheap and cheerful with a hmh tube needle.

    i would have a look at foxytails web site . they do salmon kits with a good mix off materials at a good price . would also recommend the tubeworx for for tube flies, very reasonable price and easy to use.

    bucktail in black,yellow orange and the world is your oyster.

    As regards cost a would think you could get started for around 100 but like anything you can add to it as you build up. i would by the materials to start say a cascade and you will have the main materials for many other flies or tubes. couple of links below

    Salmon Selection Pack

    Stillwater Regent Traditional Vice Glasgow Angling Centre

    Packets of Hackles Glasgow Angling Centre

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    Hi Mammoth
    If you want to borrow a set of tools. included will be all the materials needed to tie some flies plus SBS instructions. so that you can try before buy let me know.
    Regards Gary
    Fishing for 60 years and am still trying to understand why I do it, but I love misunderstandings

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