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    Default Fishing around the Inverness area

    there is the potential for a big move for me this summer, from Aberdeenshire to Inverness !

    I guess there are lots of different places to try - i was thinking the morriston, farrar & glass, ness etc

    as well as lots of trout fishing

    any other thoughts from those who live up that way ?

    Looking forward to the political banter with salmonshrimp on the banks of the Ness

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    In the shadow of Morven


    The river ness and its tribrituries are an endless source of fishing,
    The ness has a very good assocation water,
    The Kyle rivers are 45 min away!
    Connon, beauly, alness,Nairn angling assocation.
    Inverness is often regarded as the gateway to the highlands!
    It certainly is a gateway to fishing
    North,South,East and west! There is fishing everywhere

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    Beauly, simply an awesome river on its' day.

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