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    Default salmon fishing for under a 10

    I have been looking various sites and fish pal to find the cheapest days salmon fishing . and struggling to find a day under 30 .
    im starting this thread for all to list the fishing in there area that costs not a lot for a chance of a salmon. this is my starter
    river carron 7 a day ticket average catch 30/ 100 fish a season .

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    Nove Scotia. Margaree.

    $53 for a weeks license. All public, fish where you please. Whats $53 divided by 7 days? I dont do the math. Damn wizardry.

    $135 for the season. Fish where you please. And there are other rivers to fish if you know the know!

    Fair chance of a salmon. Good chance if your timing is right with the water levels. Not terribly crowded. Can be in the Autumn, but the etiquette is good.
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