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    Default Where to fish in Russia?

    I fancy a wee trip to the Kola penninsula next year, I'm looking for decent numbers of fish but good value to. What would be your opinions of the best place to go? Would love the Kharlovka or Ponoi but they are really expensive.
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    I've been to ponoi a few times in the last five years it's a special place this spring I am trying the lower varzuga with the Doon Rod, I will pm you with my observations when we get back, if we get back 😂

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    Ponoi doesn't have to be expensive, I have taken groups out in July that have cost around 4250 all in from door to door. Without going completely DIY or booking through a Russian or Scandinavian agency which offers a much rougher experience you won't do it for less than that.

    Managing expectations is the biggest thing with the Kola and also deciding what level of comfort you want during your stay. No two rivers on the Kola offer the same thing, they are all different and offer very different fishing experiences from chasing big numbers to chasing big fish.

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