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    Default undercover boss Canada

    Yesterday morning channel 4 had undercoverboss Canada with a family that owned salmon farming. The CEO of which went undercover and showed the end to end process from hatchery to production of table fish. It looked like the feeding of fish in the sea nets was done visually using cameras to see if any uneaten food passed through the cages onto the sea bed. Did not seem a very scientific approach.

    They then brought their employees from the show to their head office which surprisingly was situated on the banks of the Miramichi river where it then showed the CEO fly fishing in what looked like his own private beat. Is this taking the p**s or what? Is this having your cake and eating it. Nice work if you can get it.
    Is this the sort of thing that is discussed on another thread about elitism??

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    Totally agree the CEO is either ignorant/doesn't give a hoot or really enjoys the deep aspects of bitter irony.

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