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    Default Scary chemicals in rubber lures

    Had a wee rummage in the garage today and found a box of forgotten bits and pieces. In said box was a rubber pike lure in the style of a rainbow trout which had welded itself to a hard plastic maggot feeder.
    The feeder had actually begun to melt!! Whilst the lure remained totally intact
    What scary chemicals are in these types of lures and could you imagine if it came into contact with reels and fly lines

    All rubber lures now safely in there own box ( which is plastic so will probably be a melted puddle next time I look )


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    They call it, or did in the 90s soft worm melt. Plano and flambeau boxes are soft melt proof. Others are not and you end with a soggy mess.
    Some makes of lures melt to each other and you have to keep colours separate. Others will mix with each other but not with other brand softies.
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    Up and down the country hundreds of wives check their bottom drawers.
    FISH ON!!! FISH OFF!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Ben View Post
    Up and down the country hundreds of wives check their bottom for drawers.

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