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    Default Gold Mylar - Pale, Medium and old.

    Silver seems to be always a fairly standard chrome silver in mylar. However gold seems to be a matter of considerable variance. My beloved supply of pale gold Sparton flat gold Mylar from the late Steve Parton on the dark blue spools is diminishing fast. It is also thin and easy to use. I have become very attached to it as a gold for certain tube flies. Now it is a matter of confidence.

    Anyone knowing the pale gold mylar I am talking of, or know of a similar alternative available anywhere? Or perhaps know of some remaining source of Sparton gold mylar?
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    Default Mylar

    Robert try eBay mchardys shop Iím sure it in their somewhere

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    Hi Robert, not sure itís quite what you are looking for. I think essential fly have some older looking gold Mylar versions available rather than your super gold. Cheers, Patrick

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