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    Default Golden pheasant crest

    I'm looking for some good quality golden pheasant crest's in colours
    hot orange, bright yellow and chartreuse, I don't really want to go down the route of dyeing myself as don't really have the time or knowledge of dyeing so if anyone knows where I can purchase these colours it would be much appreciated


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    I would give Chris a call at Lathkill, would be a good choice.
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    I have this golden pheasant head if any good to you pm me img_0470-jpgimg_0469-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by chakat View Post
    I have this golden pheasant head if any good to you pm me img_0470-jpgimg_0469-jpg
    Thank's chakat I've already got a few I'm looking for the colours in the op

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    Ok thanks.

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    Try Steve Cooper at Cookshill.

    He always has the best quality crests this side of the Atlantic, which you can buy as full heads or individual crests.

    I'm not sure what dyed colours he sells but well worth asking.
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    Thank's 48fisher and Kgm much appreciated will give them a try

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    Golden Pheasant Crest Only - Lakeland Fly-Tying

    think of them mixed in irish shrimp tails with the wound breast stuck in all angles fanning out,bit of interest in a tail varient in your stoats, mixed toppings dyed and tied in for wings, pig to be done neatley but water soon makes it look, not so neat
    Used to tie one with black dyed pheasant breast and crest in the tail,half silver body black gp wound breast middle hackle,front half silver and repeat the black pheasant breast, a good varient of this was. lagaturn used to do a rainbow silver coloured flat braid insted of silver.even couple fine black pig bristles in there,use different threads under lagaturn or mylar ie white makes pearl brite ,black makes greenish etc
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    Thank's for that Munro

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